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European Space Agency Supplement to Official Journal of European Union opportunities

European Space Agency (ESA)/Agence spatiale européenne (ASE)

ESA/ASE is an intergovernmental organization with 20 member states that concentrates on space exploration.  Its flight program includes launch and operation of both unmanned and human exploration missions.  It has headquarters in Paris, France and science missions based in the Netherlands, ESA Mission Control and astronaut training facilities in Germany, and an Astronomy Center in Spain.  it has a staff of more than 2,000.

Tenders involve fuel technology and development, equipment for space exploration and related telecommunication technology and prototype development.  As the main European presence in space exploration they host many opportunities for technology and required materials, as well as infrastructure support for scientific research.

Supplement to the Official Journal of the European Union                                                

This source of tenders covering EU countries is a wide range of services and public works tenders.  They can include providing welfare services for the elderly, coastal mapping and providing support services for agencies in addition to more conventional architectural and construction work.