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NEW Latest Features of PODS

Features for tracking and sharing opportunities have been added to the PODS system.  These features make the task of following known opportunities easier both individually and within a company.  They also provide different options for sharing information with other companies.  The bid matching function now has options for a wider range of results.

Tracking Bids through My Opportunities

  • Administer and control PODS accounts linked to your company.
  • Provide more contextual information through posted comments to viewers of the PODS account about Opportunities.
  • Control the access to your PODS folders – add selected customers to the site and only your company’s users can see your information.
  • Internal tracking within internal projects or a project shared with another company can be done by adding a Private Opportunity to My Opportunities.
  • You can also add opportunities to the PODS site that all PODS users can view through the Create Public Opportunity option on the Solicit Bids page.

Bid Matching using a wider selection of references.

Bid Matching functions have expanded to include Opportunity Provider and Keyword boxes in addition to the original options of selected Regions and GSINs.  For efficient results that narrow down lists to a focused range, match bids through Opportunity Providers to have opportunities matched to region, GSINs and Opportunity Providers.  Keywords are useful to get any opportunity that matches a keyword for a wider range of available opportunities that ignores any preset Region, GSIN or Opportunity Provider.

The removal of the Shopping Cart feature makes it easier, faster and more efficient to download attachments.