PODS - Features

Compusult's Procurement Opportunity and Delivery System boasts various account features that speed the bidding process and allow opportunity organization.

Search Opportunities

  • Search and filter through available opportunities to find the best suited opportunities for your business.
  • Search the entire PODS database by entering keyword(s).
  • Built in search filters to filter by region, category, opportunity provider, classifications and time frame.
  • View full opportunity information.
  • Sort search column in ascending or descending order.
  • Search by including expired opportunities.
  • Search by showing private opportunities.

Bid Matching

When Bid Matching is enabled in your PODS Profile, PODS will automatically identify opportunities of interest to you and your business. These opportunities are organized and categorized and delivered to you each evening via e-mail.

Bid Matching opportunities are identified using a combination of the following search criteria:

  • Regions - Identify opportunities associated with a particular area of the world.
  • GSINs - Identify opportunities according to Goods and Service Identification Numbers (GSINs) relevant to your business.
  • Opportunity Providers - Only identify opportunities from particular Public, Private and Corporate organizations worldwide that you select.
  • Keywords - Specify keywords to identify opportunities of interest.

My Profile

  • Update your profile information and set your opportunity matching preferences.
  • Add users to your profile and manage them.
  • Configure Bid Matching to receive notifications on opportunities base on.
    • Selected GSINs;
    • Selected Regions;
    • Inputted Keywords; and/or,
    • Selected Opportunity Providers.

My Opportunities

  • Create customized private opportunities.
  • Manage the status of opportunities you are watching or bidding on.
  • Added Bid Status to the My Opportunities page including the ability to edit the bid status.
  • Opportunity Provider is now displayed on Opportunity Information page.
  • Ability to assign a Customer to an opportunity on the Opportunity Information page. You can also view the Contacts for this Customer on this page.
  • Ability to add more than one attachment to an opportunity.
  • Ability to add attachments other than PDF files.

My Customers

  • Create new Customers and new Contacts for each customer.
  • Each Contact can have a history of comments for tracking.
  • Manage and view your customers.
  • Edit/Update your contacts for the customer.
  • All contacts are only viewable by your company.

PODS - Benefits

The capabilities and IP associated with PODS is based upon Compusult's world recognized search and discovery and access innovations that have been in development for over 29 years.

More Opportunities

  • Utilities, Municipalities, Academic, Schools and Healthcare organizations.
  • All Federal and Provincial Governments.
  • Crown Assets and Disposals.
  • Crown Corporations.
  • U.S. Agencies (all FedBizOpps notices).
  • Ireland and other EU Governments.
  • International Financial Institutions (IFIs) such as the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), Caribbean Development bank (CDB), and World Bank.

Continued Expansion

  • Our ongoing objective is to increase export opportunities, ease-of-access, and one-stop shop value to all our customers.
  • PODS is continuously identifying and partnering with multilateral financial vehicles (e.g., Asian Development Bank, International Finance Corporations, etc.).
  • PODS is continuously providing enhanced capabilities to make identifying opportunities easier for you.

Additional Benefits of PODS

  • PODS provides superior service and customer interactions through our dedicated, qualified PODS Business Analysts.
  • Saves time and money. PODS is better and cheaper.
  • Promotes new business development.
  • Comprehensive searching and filtering.

"PODS provides international opportunities that are e-mailed right to my desktop!"

- Andrew Mahon Axiom Engineering

"Before PODS, we spent countless hours searching for just Federal Government opportunities. Now every morning when I come into the office, all the opportunities relevant to our company, from federal and provincial governments, crown corporations and NAFTA, are on my desk. It's simple and very efficient. A great service!"

- Gerry Power, President, Knowledge Power Inc.