About PODS - What is PODS?

PODS is the Procurement Opportunity and Delivery System.

It is a one-stop, comprehensive source for discovery and management of business opportunities locally, nationally and internationally. It provides:

  • Access to thousands of local and world-wide bid opportunities that are cataloged each day.
  • An advanced bid matching capability that will automatically match opportunities to your businesses products and services and notify you by e-mail or fax when the opportunities are identified.
  • An opportunity tracking facility that allows you to capture an opportunity and track it all the way to proposal response. The system will automatically identify and capture any bid notifications and modifications and provides you with the ability to enter and capture notes during the bid response process.
  • A customer/client capture capability that can manage customers and contacts and the linkages to opportunities being pursued.
  • A user profile component that easily allows you to capture information about your products and services. PODS will use this information to identify opportunities on your behalf.
  • An advanced search interface for identifying opportunities of interest.

PODS is an interactive opportunity management system which can supply your business with timely information on opportunities that match your unique subscriber profile. Its easy-to-use Web interface provides you with powerful searching capability and a wealth of additional information on bidding opportunities from the various procurement agencies and procurement systems at the federal, state/provincial, municipal and corporate/private levels.

This eliminates the need to rifle through thousands of opportunity notices via multiple procurement systems looking for the ones that are suitable for your business.

PODS is the most comprehensive opportunity management system to offer so many opportunities! Check out the many benefits PODS can offer your business with a free 30 day trial.